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Lawyer Leaf

Lawyers, although often pricy, are worth their weight in gold. We recommend you learn how to use lawyers to your advantage or somebody will surely use them against you. Lawyers usually charge a hefty hourly rate. In most cases, they want a retainer just to ask a few questions. If you’ve experienced these problems, then we found a perfect solution.

LawyerLeaf™ is an affordable pre-paid legal service for you and your business. You pay one monthly fee and get a ton of service.

  • Here are some benefits:
  • Call with questions as often as you’d like
  • Review contracts and leases
  • Network of Experienced Attorneys in each field
  • Discounted hourly rates when applicable.
  • Debt collection assistance
  • Includes your Business and your Family
  • One Low Monthly Fee

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For a low monthly fee, we can help manage the accounting tax and payroll needs of your business.

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